The St. Iakovos Retreat Center was a longtime vision of the Hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago. The goal was to build a home for the successful youth camping program, Fanari, as well as a place where the parishioners of the Metropolis could retreat and reconnect with God and each other.  The transformation of this dream to reality is the result of the generosity, kindness and love of many people. Our donors and partners have given from their hearts and the St. Iakovos Retreat Center along with the Hierarchs and Board would like to sincerely thank them!


Mr. Chris P. Tomaras                                Mr. Ted Pappas

                  $500,00.00 +

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago

                  $100,000.00 +

His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos  of Chicago                                                       

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Clergy Syndesmos                                        

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Ladies Philoptochos Society                          

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Milwaukee, WI)                  

Saints Peter & Paul Greek Orthodox Church (Glenview, IL)

Orthodox Christian Charities of Wisconsin                   

AHEPA Chapter #78                                         Novak Family Foundation

Harold & Georgia Anagnos                              Gus M. Pablecas

+ Andrew A. Athens                                         Steve Regopoulos

Nicholas Bouras                                                Constantine S. Siavelis Family 

Tom & Jeanie Galouzis                                     Spell Family Foundation

Ernest C. & Marion K. Karras                          Artemas Tebellas

Demetrios Kozonis                                           Jeff Winterheimer

Arthur & Chrys Labros                                    Anonymous (2)                

                $50,000.00 +

Ss. Peter & Paul Greek Orthodox Church Ladies Philoptochos Society (Glenview, IL)    

Thomas Dallas                                                  Peter Parthenis

John Devellos                                                   Bill J. & Peggy Vranas

Greek American Restaurant Association         John C. Kulis foundation

George Karas


Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church (Westchester, IL)                    

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (Elmhurst, IL)                          

St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church (Niles, IL)                                  

Saint John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church (Des Plaines, IL)              

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church (Merrillville, IN)         

Leadership 100                                                 Dimitris Bousis                                                                                          

AHEPA District #13                                         George Karas

The Hellenic Foundation                                  Jim Logothetis

Arthur Balourdos                                             Andy Proimos

               $10,000.00 +

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago, IL)

Holy Anagyroi Greek Orthodox Church (Rochester, MN)

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago, IL)

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Ladies Philoptochos Society (Chicago, IL)

St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church (Palatine, IL)

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church (Elgin, IL)

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church (Palos Hills, IL)

Patriarch Athenagoras Institute                        Nick Kopley

John Apostolou                                                Karen & Mark Koulogeorge

Steve Balourdos                                               Louis Malevitis

Harry Bozonelos                                              Vasilios Memmos

George Chipain                                                Midwest District PFDA

Vladimir Chominsky                                       Soula Pampori

John & Carie Colis                                          Taki Sotos

Peter & Kelly Coulopoulos                             Eugenia Splinter

Taso Costianis                                                 Myron Stamos

Chris Demos                                                   George Voutiritsas

Mary & Constantine Diamantakos                 Nick Yiannias

John & Carrie Diveris                                     The Chateu Ritz

John Galanis                                                    The Concord

Philop Hatzopoulos                                         The Cotillion

Hellenic League                                              The Diplomat West

John Hilaris                                                     Empress Banquet

Nickolaos Kalouris                                          Georgios Banquet


Kimisiss Greek Orthodox Church (Racine, WI)

Saint Spryidon Greek Orthodox Church (Palos Heights, IL)

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church ladies Philoptochos Society (Elmhurst, IL)

Enosis (Federation of Hellenic Organization)

Dino & Aleka Alex                                         Daniel Kuesis asdfasd

Chicago Mercantile Exchange                        Tom Kyriakopoulos

George Dalianis                                               Frank & Katena Lagouras

Margaret Franczak                                           John Paton

Ana Giannoulias                                              Ted Sepsis

Bob Gountis                                                     Daniel Usgate  

Bill Hoeft                                                          Eleni Tzotzolis

Paul & Cindy Karos                                        Theodore Vlahos

Karris Family Foundation                               Demetrios Kostakis

Awarded Grants

The St. Iakovos Retreat Center has also been the recipient of grants from two foundations. The continued support of these foundations in our ministry efforts is in valuable and we thank them for the love and generosity that they have shared with us. 

The Hellenic Foundation

The Hellenic Foundation of Chicago, IL has awarded the St. Iakovos Retreat Center two grants in 2017 and 2018 totaling $85,000.00. These funds have allowed the St. Iakovos Retreat Center to launch a new ministry offering our own unique and dynamic programs, so as to better connect the parishoner of the Metropolis of Chicago to the ministry of the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. We thank the Hellenic Foundation for their generosity and commitment to the continued growth of the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. To learn more about the Hellenic Foundation, their mission as well as explore grant opportunities CLICK HERE.

The John C. Kulis Foundation

The John C. Kulis Foundation has awarded two grants to the St. Iakovos Retreat Center in the years 2016 and 2017. The grants total over $50,000.00 and provided the ability to purchase much needed items for the property. This equipment includes a new tractor with lawn and snow attachments, state of the art AudioVisual Equipment, a John Deere Gator and new passenger golf cart for the transportation of visitors and guests. We thank the John C. Kulis Foundation for the generosity and love they have shared with the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. 

In-Kind Donations

In addition to donors, many people have given to the St. Iakovos Retreat Center in uniquely special ways sharing their time, talents and treasures. The St. Iakovos Retreat Center, Hierarchs and Board would like to sincerely thank them for all they have given to contribute to this dream!

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church (Wauwatosa, WI)

Ss. Peter & Paul Greek Orthodox Church (Glenview, IL)

Helen Lucatis                                                  Christopher Chakonas

Gia Xenakis                                                    Anonymous

Angelo Loumis                                               Michael Bousis

Presv. Mary Scoulas                                       Basil & Mata Binteris

Angela Defeo                            



A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes to all of those who pray for and support the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. Below are the contributors of the Annual Giving Campaign launched in 2018. If you would like to join the campaign please contact the retreat center or visit the donation page by clicking here.

Platinum ($1,000 and up)

George & Jean Haralampopoulos

Dr. Bob & Alexandra Haralampopoulos

Dr. Dimitri & Vivian Haralampopoulos

John Hilaris

Tom Kyriakopoulos

Novak Family Foundation Inc.

Theoodore Sepsis

Arlene Siavelis

St. Andrew's Woman's Society

St. Nektarios Palatine Philoptochos

Georgia Stathopoulos

Sts. Constantine & Helen, Merriville, IN

John & Anastasia Svigos

Peter & Sophia Vlahos

Alex Haralampopoulos

Philoptochos Society Assumption East Moline, IL

AHEPA Chapter 78

St. George Chicago

Annunciation Milwaukee, WI

John Manos

Kimissis Tis Theotokou Racine, WI

John Balourdos

Arthur & Chrys Labros

GOLD ($500-$999)

Anna Giannoulias

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gillett

David Loomos & Elaine Vlahakis

Dr. Angelo & Eleni Malamis

Steven & Toni Milak

Harold Peponis

James Clohessy

Philoptochos Society St. Demetrios Chicago

SILVER ($100-$499)

Rev. Richard & Pres. Jane Andrews

Demetra Andrews

Constance Andrews

Assumption Chicago Philoptochos

Mrs. Patricia Atsaves

Georgia                Chulos

George Danigeles

John Gatsis

Anthony Gouletas

Patty & Jim Harrison

Brian & Maria Holcomb

Chris Ioannides

Frances Kapsalis

Kathy & John Katrakis

Dr. John & Frances Kontos

Pantelis  Kostoulas

Konstantinos Koustogeorgas

Louis & Antonia Laros

Tessie & Barbara Leon

Dr. Thomas & Elaine Pagedas

Athanasia Pampori

Fr. Doug & Christina Papulis

St. Nicholas Oak Lawn Philoptochos

Joann Stavropoulos

Chrysanthy Tiggas

Angela Tobias

Freida Varlas

Chrisoula Zannis

Ioannis & Toula Vlahos

Evan Adams

Harry & Eleftheria Tagalakis

Mark Kennedy

Denise Maniatis

Eleni Geanon

Thomas & Pamela Kiriakos

Helene Lanaghan

Spiro Deligiannis

Philoptochos Society St. Demetrios Elmhurst

BRONZE ($1-$99)

Harold Anagnos

Pam & Spero Argyris

Tara & Kevin Jones

Theresa & Harry Kekatos

Harry Lemakis

John Melidis

Arun Modayil

Joe & Kathy Ours

N.K. Pilafas

Deonecia Plagakis

Harry Psaltis

Joe Stewart

Barbara Vallone

Ioannis & Toula Vlahos

Zaharias & Keriake Frangiadakis

Michael Glotsos